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Frequently Asked Questions and all answers

Age range of children you cater for?
0-12 but can discuss requirements and offer for older if needed
Are staff DBS checked?
Yes all staff will hold a valid DBS
Our Staff

Our staff are sourced from an agency specialising in professional experienced childcare staff. At every event we will supply the relevant number of staff based on the ages and number of children attending, following Ofsted ratio guidelines. At each event, at least one member of staff will hold a paediatric first aid certificate.

Do you cater for children with disabilities?
We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and to provide appropriate childcare to meet the needs of any child.
Do we administer medication if required?
As our facilities are on site we would ask parents to administer any necessary medication. We will keep records of what medication is given by whom at what time and would ask parents to sign our record sheet.
Do you provide sleeping bags/crash-mats if children fall asleep?

Young babies can nap/sleep in prams. If we will be on site during the evening we can provide sleep mats for children over 1 year old. We also have the option of hiring individual teepees which are suitable for ages 6 and up. Our event nannies will always have sleeping children in their sights and carry out regular checks. 

Can you facilitate children's meals if they are being fed on a separate table?
Yes, we are happy to supervise mealtimes during your event if you have a children's table.
Do you have a minimum booking time

Our bookings are for a minimum of four hours. However, depending on your location and our availability we may on occasion be able to accommodate shorter bookings. We will always try and find a solution that works for you and your event.

Childcare Solutions
for your Event.
Here at Creche My Party we can provide you with a safe and welcoming space for your young guests to enjoy themselves, giving the adults at your event freedom to relax and peace of mind knowing their children are being well cared for.